Thursday, November 5, 2009

The gays are trying to take over the world.

My beautiful daughter... She's here and she's queer.

A million years ago, someone coined that phrase. The Institution of Marriage. They also say, 'protect the union' of marriage.
I have been married twice. My first husband drug me through the house by the hair when I was seven months pregnant. He verbally battered me and had sex with every woman he met. Not exactly the spiritual experience I think of when people utter the phrase, 'the institution of marriage'.
Before my daughter came out as a gay person, she was married. Her husband relapsed on crack and ended up in prison. They dissolved the union.
There has been more times than I can count where a family member or friend has married a complete fucking terrorist. And the union can not be stopped. They love each other. I sit watching the legal joining of the man and woman and think, 'This should be illegal'.
Every single day you can pick up a newspaper and read about some man or woman with in the 'institution of marriage', stab the spouse to death as they sleep.
You can also read, daily, about husbands and wives walking out of the union to be with the person they have been having sex with for the last two years. And out of this affair, is a two year old that has been kept a secret because daddy is in a 'union' with someone else's mommy. This isn't something 'sacred' and hasn't been for seventy five years.
This is the million dollar question. What exactly are we 'protecting'. Why are people pretending that marriage is this spiritual unity that needs to be preserved? Some times it is. But most of the time, it's just NOT. You want to preserve something sacred? Go save a whale. Adopt a kid from an orphanage in South Africa. Focus on you and your life and the people you love. Because that is what God wants. He wants us to love one another with all of our heart. And if you love someone that is the same sex as you, love them with all of your heart.
This is what I say and it makes sense to me. It's all about your 'picker'. If you pick a serial killer to join you in the institution of marriage, you're going to get what you get. Pick an amazing person to spend your life with. Man or woman. The problem is your 'picker'. Not which part you pick. Let's preserve that idea.


Anonymous said...

I disagree, but i love Jennesequa very much and i love you. Also, I like when you write about funny things 'in the midst' of it all...i can't quite describe it but you know like the stories of when you were a kid...maybe it is just that i like that. Anyway, you are a great writer. You said you wanted opinions so that is mine. It is Lisa, but i go anonomous remember ok.

my favorite and my best said...

hi dina, i'm jenny and i write a blog called my favorite and my best. i also count valorie as a dear friend (even though i have never met her. blogs are weird that way) that i would do just about anything for, anyway..she brought me here through her blog and i have to say that i whole heartedly agree with you on this one. my biggest problem with all of this "institution of marriage" bullshit is that it stems from an archaic sensiblity; "the bible says it, i believe it, that's the end of it". evolution (and i'm not talking monkeys into humans here, but the pure evolution of this world) is a natural step in the human experience. the bible should be used as a broad guide and we should adapt the words of the bible to fit today's needs and people. gay people have been around forever, and the bible is FULL of hipocrisy so MOST of what is being ponied around in these gay/god debates can be proved to the contrary. anyway..nice to meet you. and you can count me as a supporter of your daughter's rights.

Sam Herbert said...

So true Dina. I'm in a gay relationship with a kind caring amazing woman. I'd pick that over a loveless or abusive heterosexual relationship any day of the week